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Frequently Asked Questions

Wear and care

Wearing the Ryze smart watch

To get the most out of your Ryze smart watch, it’s important to make sure you’re wearing it properly so the monitors can gather data accurately.

How to wear your Ryze smart watch

Please ensure the smart watch is fastened comfortably, and if your skin becomes irritated, please take it off and let your skin breathe.
Skin irritation can happen for the following reasons.
  • Skin friction or rubbing
  • Skin exposure to irritants such as sweat, soap or other cleansers left on wearables
  • Pre-existing allergies

Not too tight

Wearing an overly tight watch can trap sweat and cause skin irritation as well as impact the monitor.
  • If you find the watch particularly uncomfortable to wear, please either adjust the watch strap or take it off.
  • If your skin becomes irritated, please stop wearing the watch for several hours or a few days until your skin has healed. If the symptoms persist or worsen, consider seeking medical advice.

Not too loose

Your watch should be snug but comfortable. If the wrist-based watch sensors are not reading your heart rate, try tightening the strap a little bit and keep the watch two finger widths above the wrist. Do loosen the watch after a workout.

Keep things dry and clean

It’s important to make sure your skin is dry before wearing your watch. Wearing a wet device for an extended period will irritate the skin.
After exercising, please make sure you thoroughly clean and dry your hands, wrist and watch strap.
Traces of soap, cleaners and detergents left on the device may irritate the skin.
Use ‘soap free’ cleaner when you clean your watch.

How do I pair the smart watch?

There are several steps to go through to pair your Ryze smart watch to the App. Please follow this link and refer to the relevant manual for your watch model, which has clear steps to guide you through the process.

How do I download and set up the App?

Please scan this QR code to download the Ryze Connect App or review the manual for further information.

How does Ryze keep my data safe?

Your user data is securely stored on Amazon Web Servers (AWS). This means your Ryze wearer’s sensitive and private data is encrypted and won’t be leaked, accessed or seen by anyone-but you. Read more

What is the warranty on my Ryze smart watch?

Your Ryze smart watch comes with a 12-month warranty. A copy of your warranty can be found here.

Is Ryze Flex waterproof?

The Ryze Flex has an IP68 protection rating that is used in the mobile phone industry. The rating defines a product’s protection against exposure to water and dust.

Ryze Flex is swim proof. This means the watch is suitable for shallow water activities including swimming. It can be worn during a cold-water shower, indoor pool and open water. The watch can survive spills and splashers.

The watch is NOT suitable for deep diving, in a spa/hot tub, in a hot spring, sauna or high temperature steam environment.

Can I pair multiple Ryze smart watches to the Ryze Connect App?

Yes, you can. However only one smart watch can be connected to your smart phone via the Bluetooth at any one time.

Why does the Bluetooth connection keep disconnecting?

  1. Make sure the distance between the phone and smart watch does not exceed 7 m, otherwise the signal may be too weak.
  2. Make sure there is nothing between the phone and device that might obstruct the Bluetooth signal, for example, metal objects such as jewelry.
  3. Make sure the device battery has sufficient power to keep the screen lit and use Bluetooth.
  4. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is working. Try closing all apps, and then disable and re-enable Bluetooth before reconnecting to the smart watch.
  5. If the Ryze Connect app is running in the background, iOS may close the app automatically, which can cause Bluetooth to disconnect.
  6. Bluetooth may automatically disconnect if your phone is in power saving mode or if you are using a phone manager app. Please check your phone settings and then try again.

Why does it take so long to synchronize data via Bluetooth? Why does data sync fail?

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth connection on your Ryze smart watch is working. Please refer to the explanation in the previous question.
  2. Swipe down on the home screen of the Ryze Connect app or manually refresh data to start the sync.
  3. Check whether the Bluetooth connection timed out.

Do I need to enable my phone’s Bluetooth all the time whilst wearing the smart watch?

  1. The device does not need to be connected to your phone to count steps, record sleep data, or use the alarm clock. For example, you can do your exercise while wearing your device, and then connect the device to your phone and perform a sync to view exercise data.
  2. Alarm clock: Use the Ryze Connect app to configure the alarm time and sync it to the device. Once you have configured the alarm time, you can disconnect the device from your phone. You can also set alarm on the watch.

You must turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and keep your smart watch connected to the Ryze Connect App to use the following features

  • Incoming call reminder,
  • Incoming message alert
  • Find phone
  • Music playback control
  • Weather update
  • Connected GPS during an exercise session initiated from the App

How long does it take to fully recharge the watch?

Approximately 2 hours.

Can I change the unit of measurement?

Yes, you can. Open the Ryze Connect App. Click ‘My > Settings > Preferences’ to change your setting. Then click ‘<’ on the top left corner to save your setting.

Can I change the time system from 12-hour to 24-hour system?

Yes, you can. Open the Ryze Connect App. Click ‘My > Settings > Preferences’ to change your setting. Then click ‘<’ on the top left corner to save your setting.

Can I change the week start day?

Yes, you can. Open the Ryze Connect App. Click ‘My > Settings > Preferences’ to change your setting. Then click ‘<’ on the top left corner to save your setting.

Where can I view my health data in the App?

You can view your health data in two ways:

Method 1:

  1. Start the App and go to the Home menu where you can view your health data (Sleep, HR, BP, SpO2, Weight, etc.).
  2. Click a card to view the corresponding daily, weekly, monthly and yearly health data.

Method 2:

  1. Click ‘My’ menu in the App and click ‘My Data’ to to view your health data.

Where can I view my sport / exercise records in the App?

  1. Open the App. Go to the Home page where you can view your last Exercise record. Click on the ‘Exercise’ card to view all of your sports training records.
  2. Click on each sports record to view details, including duration, HR, steps, et cetera.
  3. Any sport initiated on the watch will be marked.

How do I update the App?

Start the App and click ‘My > Check for Updates’ to go the Update page.

‘Check for Updates’ being marked with a little red dot indicates that a new version of the APP is available.

How do I update my weight setting in the App?

  1. Start the App to go to the ‘Home’ page. Click ‘Body Weight’ to go to the “Weight” page where you can edit your weight; or
  2. Click on “My” page, click on the ‘Personal Profile’ icon on the top left corner to change your weight.

How do I initiate a sport?

You can initiate a sport or exercise session using two methods described below.

Via the App method:

Open the App. Click on the ‘Exercise’ menu. Select a desired sport from the top list and click on ‘Start’. The sport will be initiated after a 3 second countdown.
Any sport initiated via the App will be started on the smartwatch synchronously provided the chosen sport option is loaded on the watch.

Via the Watch method:

Sport initiated on the smart watch will not be initiated on the App synchronously, but the corresponding sports record will be saved on the App.
If you initiate such a sport again on the App, you will see two sports records on the App.
For the sport initiated later on the App, only the data obtained from the phone will be displayed.

Why can’t I sync the sleep data? Why is the sleep data inaccurate?

  1. Restart re-sync with your Ryze smartwatch with the Ryze Connect App.
  2. Ensure that you always wear the device when asleep; otherwise no sleep data will be available when you sync the device with the Ryze Connect app.
  3. Sleep will be tracked around the clock. However, your sleep will be recorded only if it lasts for three hours. There are three stages of sleep: deep sleep, light sleep and REM sleep (available on Evo). Going back to sleep after getting out of bed, sleeping in, or playing with mobile phone in bed will affect the recording of your sleep.
  4. If you don’t wear the device before going to bed, or if you take off the device immediately after getting up, the recorded sleep time will be prolonged or inaccurate.

Why doesn’t the screen always turn on when I raise my wrist?

This is a feature that has been adapted to prevent the screen from turning on by accident, such as when you move your arms while asleep.

To turn on the screen, twist your wrist so that the screen faces upwards. We recommend that you practice this action until you get familiar with the optimum tilt angle.

What is the green light on the back of the watch?

The green light is used to measure your heart rate. If you have enabled automatic heart rate monitoring, the light will turn on periodically. To disable this feature, disable automatic heart rate monitoring and opt for Manual Heart Rate Monitoring. Your smart watch features an industry-standard optical heart-rate sensor that is certified as safe to use.

Why don’t I receive incoming call notifications on my smart watch?

Incoming call notification and call reject is supported on Ryze Evo, Ryze Flex and Ryze Elevate.
Open the Ryze Connect App.
  • Ensure that your smart watch is connected to your smart phone via Bluetooth.
  • Click ‘Device > Notifications > Call Reminder’ and enable incoming call alert in the following setting page. Click ‘<’ to return to previous page and save the setting.
    For iOS smart devices, you also need to allow Bluetooth pairing and enable Share Notification. For iOS 13 and above, go to the phone’s [Settings] - turn on [Bluetooth] - select [My Device] - turn on [Share System Notification].
    On Android devices, ensure that the Ryze Connect App is running in the foreground or background.
  • Ensure that Bluetooth is always connected. The smart watch does not display notifications for messages or calls that are received while Bluetooth is disconnected.
  • The smart watch will not receive notifications after the device is set to DND (Do Not Disturb) mode

Home screen widgets that clear RAM and phone manager apps may close or block apps on your phone. Therefore, it is recommended that you add the Ryze Connect app to the relevant whitelist.

How do I sync the watch data to the App?

Data is automatically synced when you open the Ryze Connect App.
You can also swipe down on the message list on the App’s home screen to sync data.

If the “Connection failed” message is shown, try the following steps:
  1. Swipe down on the home screen again.
  2. Close and re-open the Ryze Connect app.
  3. If neither of the above works, disable and re-enable Bluetooth on your phone, or restart your phone. (You can also try clearing the Bluetooth cache before restarting your phone.)

Note: On iOS devices, turn on the Bluetooth settings and locate your device in the device list. Touch the symbol next to the device name and touch “Forget this Device”. Disable and re-enable Bluetooth or restart your phone.

Does the smart watch store data without being connected to my phone?

The smart watch does not need to be connected to your phone to store exercise or sleep data. To sync data from the device, enable Bluetooth on your phone and ensure it is within range of the device.
The smart watch can retain up to seven days’ exercise and sleep data in typical use.

Why doesn’t the smart watch start counting my steps as soon as I start walking?

To improve step count accuracy, the device has a minimum threshold of steps. This means that the total step count shown in the Ryze Connect App only changes when you take more than 10 steps. The device starts recording data after your tenth step and only saves data when you have completed 30 steps.

Can I change the number of vibrations for incoming call notifications?

The setting change for number of vibrations is not currently supported.
The device vibrates at the set time until you reject a call.

Which factors affect the accuracy of heart rate readings?

Factors like wearing the device too loosely, swinging your arms, or sliding of the device over your skin can impact heart rate readings. In addition, wearing the device too tightly, raising your arms, or clenching your fists can affect blood circulation, which also affects sensor performance. When testing your heart rate, it is recommended that you keep your arm straight, remain static, and relax your muscles. Ensure that the device remains in close contact with your skin.
Note: Even when you wear the device correctly, individual differences such as skin color, body hair, tattoos, and scars can also affect heart rate sensor performance slightly.

Which factors affect the accuracy of step counting?

The accelerometer and algorithms that the device uses to count your walking steps are highly sensitive, even small differences may affect the accelerometer and algorithms. You must provide accurate personal data during the device’s initial configuration. For example, if you enter wrong gender, height, weight, or age, it could result in inaccurate exercise data, such as incorrect counting of steps, distance, or calorie.
In addition, factors such as your arm swing, stride, posture, road surface, and slope can also affect the step count.

Why doesn’t the weather push function update itself?

The smart watch does not download the weather data directly. To update the weather data, you must sync the smart watch with the App.
Try the following in sequence:
  1. Enable location service on your smart phone.
  2. Check that the Ryze Connect App has been granted access the phone’s location so that the App can determine your location automatically. If the App cannot determine your location, weather data will not be available. For better service, enable GPS to improve positioning accuracy.
  3. Check that the smart phone has stable internet connection. Being indoor or in an enclosed environment may result in loss of GPS and therefore inability for the App and the watch to obtain updated weather forecast information. Please move to an open area and try again.
    When the smart watch remains connected to the Ryze Connect App, the App periodically sends updated weather data to the watch. However, when network coverage is poor, weather data may not be synced. In this case, earlier weather data is displayed (if available), or the message “data unavailable” is displayed.
  4. If the smart phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, please turn off the Wi-Fi on your smart phone and try switching to the phone’s 4G network.
  5. Do the following
    1. Check that the smart watch is connected to the App.
    2. Swipe down ‘Home’ menu to complete a data sync.
    3. Check that the weather function is turned on in the App.
    4. Check the watch. If weather information is still not showing, go to the App, turn off the weather function, tap ‘<’ on the top left to return to the ‘Device’ menu.
    5. Wait for 3 seconds before turning the weather function back on.
    6. vi. Swipe down ‘Home’ menu to complete a data sync.

Technical Specifications

1.28" Touch Screen
Battery Capacity
Charging Voltage
5V ± 0.2V
Charging Time
Fully charged Approximately 2.5 hours
Battery Life
Up to 7 days*
Ingress Protection
IP68, 3 ATM
Bluetooth Connectivity
Watch Dimension
L256 x W46 x H12 mm
Watch Strap Width
22 mm
Watch Strap Length
120/80 mm
Wrist Circumference
140 - 200 mm
Heart Rate Sensor
Vibration Sensor
*Useful battery life will be shortened with more frequent use of continuous heart rate monitoring, screen activation, vibration notification, data sync to the App and other factors.
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