Fast Facts About Sleeping

Sleep Monitoring: Why We Should Sleep Better

The importance of sleep is well documented, yet more than 60% of Australians report at least one negative sleep symptom occurring three or more times per week .

Just under half of the study’s respondents, blamed their daily routines and demands as the reason they were not able to have adequate opportunities to sleep.

However, given how important sleep is to health- think cell regeneration, renewal and stress management- it is well worth building sleep improvements into your overall health and wellbeing plan.

For Ryze fans who are kick-starting their sleep improvement journey, or simply want to understand their sleeping patterns, the Ryze inbuilt sleep monitor is designed to help make some positive changes.

So here's some handy information about how Ryze smartwatches measure your sleep, some tips on how to sleep better, and some lesser-known facts about sleeping.

Australian’s Don’t Sleep Enough.

Sleep is an essential, biological function, its critical for cell repair.

However, despite these obvious reasons for needing sleep, Australian’s do not sleep enough. If stats are anything to go by, we are a nation of grumpy, sleepy people with insomnia.

What does this mean for our productivity? Fatigue based accidents cost Australian’s $2BN per year. Sleepiness contributes to 20% of all deaths and severe injuries on the road, and is similar to speeding and drink driving.

How does a sleep tacker work?

Actigraphy measures your sleep quality, through a device called an accelerometer. Thus, your sleep is understood by monitoring certain movements, and these movements are indicative of your sleep quality and stage, tracking sleep quality, duration and phase.

There is a genetic reason some people can thrive on 6 hours sleep, and you’re a zombie with less than 9.

Why do some people need 8 hours sleep and others only need 4?

A rare genetic mutation in the ADRB1 genome sequence revealed that people who can survive and thrive on less than 6 hours sleep per night carry this same rare genetic link.

That 2pm spike in tiredness a part of your sleep cycle.

A spike in tiredness at 2pm is a part of your sleep cycle, just as feeling tired at 9.30pm is also part of this same sleep cycle. Some exercise will help you sleep better but exercising before bed will wake you up. So plan to move around and drink water around that time to help ward off its impacts.

A terrbile memory might mean you need to rest.

Rest is important for memory and studies show that memories grow stronger when people take a break to rest. A study in mice found that sleep helps restore the brain by flushing out toxins that build up during the waking hours.

R.E.M. is more than a band, it is also the name of your deepest sleep cycle.

The R.E.M. cycle repeats itself, but with each cycle you spend less time in the deeper stages three and four of sleep and more time in R.E.M. sleep. On a typical night, you’ll cycle through four or five times.

As you cycle into R.E.M. sleep, the eyes move rapidly behind closed lids, and brain waves are similar to those during wakefulness. Breath rate increases and the body becomes temporarily paralysed as we dream.

The full moon impacts more than just tides and warewolves.

Research shows that in the days leading up to a full moon, people go to bed later and sleep less, although the reasons are unclear.

How to use the Ryze Sleep Tracker.

Please follow this link to view instructions on how to use the sleep monitor, via our manual.

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