Ryze Above & Make This Christmas Your Healthiest Yet

Stay Healthy and Be On #teamYOU this Christmas

For many, Christmas is known the most wonderful time of the year. For the health and fitness conscious, it is a marathon in itself- one of managing indulgences while trying to make it to December 31, relatively unscathed. At RyzeHQ we have set a completely new goal- for you come out at the end of December, healthier and happier than ever while enjoying the ‘silly season.’ To help make this month a little easier on your health and wellbeing, we have complied a sure-fire list of tips to help you hack your way through December.

Drink consciously

One of the best ways to protect your health during Christmas is to have a game plan around alcohol consumption. Remember, you can still have a great time without drinking alcohol, so ignore any pressure you might feel. Sparkling water with mint and a dash of lemon is a great alternative if you feel like skipping the booze- your liver with love you, you’ll sleep well. Alternatively, try sequencing alcoholic with non-alcoholic drinks, this will help your hangover in the morning. Keep in mind, a beer or wine is equivalent to 600 kilojoules which takes a 20 run or 30 minute walk to burn it off. Also, heres a tip - many places will now stock low alcoholic drinks, like a seltzer, but you might need to ask.

Keep Your Health in Check

Research shows that the average Australian ‘overindulges’ during the Christmas period and will gain an extra 1.1kg in weight and reach for twice as many alcoholic drinks. Setting realistic targets will put you on a path to health success this Christmas, like allocating two low calorie days a week, to balance out overindulgences can make a difference. A simple hack is to try not to head out, hungry, as this will make it easier to say no to sweet and sugary treats.

One of the easiest things to hack your way through December is to add a pro-biotic to your diet. It will be a front-line defence to boosting your overworked digestive system. And stay hydrated- water assists in digestion and helps deliver oxygen all over the body. It also flushes bad bacteria from your kidneys and keeps your blood pressure regulated.

Make Exercise A Meeting You Can’t Cancel.

Christmas can make it seem impossible to maintain a fitness program. Try setting yourself a Christmas fitness goal and rewarding yourself with a present for sticking to it. If time is scarce, especially if your usual workout schedule happens after work, plan to head into the gym twice a week for the early session. That’s right- just get up earlier. Your body will thank you for it. Add to that program, 15 minutes of high-intensity training everyday will get your metabolism pumping and keep you healthy. There is great value in combing social activities with movement. Try burning off those extra kilojoules while socialising- see the holiday lights, backyard footy, walk along the beach, roller-skate. It all makes a difference. Plan to see friends for fitness related catch ups. Rather than suggesting a girls' brunch, or beers with the boys, consider yoga class, bike ride, bush walk or a jog?

Breathe To Wellbeing

Feeling stressed? Remember to first, breathe! Even a 5-minute meditation schedule will help keep you well. Stuart Sandeman, founder of Breathpod says done properly, breathing is a first line defence in reducing stress but there is a knack to elevating its impact. “Breathe in through your nose for four, hold your breath for four, and breathe out your mouth for eight,” he says.

All in all, it seems with some forward planning you can have it all this Christmas. Let us know at info@ryzeabove.com.au if you have any other tips to stay healthy through December.